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Grand Theft Auto V

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Even though Grand Theft Auto V came out almost 7 years ago, its popularity has not gone down at all. The game has set many records, which are out of realm of video games and can be applied to entire entertainment industry and beyond. The business success of Grand Theft Auto V has never been called into question. I dare to say that the quality of the game is not something that should be discussed more. With 110 million copies sold throughout these 7 years and 5 million copies sold every 6 months.

Grand Theft Auto V Full Review

What makes this game immortal is its multiplayer mode, which has been developed as a separate world, constantly evolving and combining different modes of play on a campaign map of Los Santos. This game contains cooperative storytelling missions, competitive game modes against other players and a rich editor that allows you to play around with various aspects of the game. All of this was further enhanced with the release of the Heists update, which came out in 2015. It is a cooperative game mode for 4 players who can play together and commit various offenses (robberies, assaults, etc.) also, many new weapons, vehicles and scenarios have been added over the years. With all of those daily challenges, Elite challenges, and various other game modes Grand Theft Auto V is a game where you can literally lose yourself. You can play it for years, and it is safe to say that you will not be bored.

Today the online version of Grand Theft Auto V is basically unrecognizable to the game that came out in 2013. Now we have cars with rockets and parachutes, motorbikes can fly. They also added tank battles, helicopter races, crazy driving challenges and many more interesting stuff. For instance to show that the sheer volume of the content goes so far, the game allows you to gather your in game friends in your in game suite and watch real time police show on your in game TV where other players are being chased by the police. So if you try to explain this to someone who has nothing to do with video games, they are probably going to think that you are lying. Also, ignorant people are constantly bashing the game and think that all Grand Theft Auto games work the same way, and that they offer no progress. But with this much content and updates they always end up buying and enjoying the game.

The thing that made Grand Theft Auto V online so popular is that it has become a place to hang out with your friends. You can basically live another, and way more fun life in the game. For instance you can have your own house, that you bought with the money from the bank you robbed couple of days ago, great, isn't it?

I personally play the game myself, and have been playing for 4 years. If someone told me that after 4 years I would still be excited to turn on my console and turn the game on, I would not believe them. But that is Rockstar, they always keep us coming back.

Grand Theft Auto V

Action Game

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